positive soccer & wellbeing program

Our innovative Positive Soccer Program for boys and girls (5-17 years of age) is designed and developed to support and inspire a healthy body and positive mind-set in children and young adults. Created by founder and former professional soccer player Kamal Ibrahim together with leading positive psychology coach and wellbeing teacher Lela McGregor. Both, Kamal and Lela, proudly come from Port Melbourne and are passionate about building a positively thriving community and teaching kids and teens.

This program is based on wellbeing science and is aimed to help children and young adults build their soccer skills whilst building a positive mindset which will teach them life skills that will help then in them in their personal and school lives.

This soccer-based program entails exercises, games and infuses wellbeing activities designed to improve the participants’ fitness and skills, build a positive mindset, develop their confidence and self-efficacy, create meaningful relationships and foster their sense of belonging in the community.

The program which runs over 4 school terms has been carefully designed to ensure every session is building on your child’s skills and wellbeing. Research shows that it’s vital for children to be active every day not just for their physical health, but for their mental and emotional wellbeing, too. Research from the US suggests that executive function and brain health, both essential for academic performance, are enhanced by physical activity and aerobic fitness.

Great reasons to “Join Now”
  • Our unique and innovative soccer curriculum is based on international profession- al standards combined with the science of Positive Psychology. We strive to coach great players and develop good character. Our goal is to build up skill, friendship and positive character.
  • Every lesson, consists of a warm up, learning and conquering a specific soccer skill, a friendly match, learning a soccer trick and a Positive Character lesson. This is a wonderful way for your child to build their confidence, teamwork, physical ability and wellbeing in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Each term we play one friendly game with another soccer team (ages 9-17) to apply your child’s new skills whilst the junior players will partake in off-field activities. We have an exciting Fitness Challenge Session and at the end of each term we evaluate player’s skills with a Graduation Test and Graduation Party.
  • We are a child safe organisation. All workers and volunteers have Working with Children’s Check and cleared Police check.
  • Our Clubhouse – JL Murphy Reserve. We play through-out the year during school term every Sunday at 4:pm – 5:15pm at our home ground located at JL Murphy Reserve boarded by Williamstown Road, Graham Street, and Plummer Street in Port Melbourne.